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Roberto Reis

A tango dancer. In 1988 he participated in different shows escorting international figures like Julio Iglesias in "Tango Tour Show", Mariano Mores in "El Tango 92 Show" (Japan) and the Orlando Trípodi's Japan Tour. Choreography Author. His Best Choreography Works are: "Lo Que Vendrá" for "Forever Tango", Nominated to Tony Prizes for Best Choreography."Libertango", choreography made for russians ice skaters Pasha Gritsuk and Evgeni Platov. They obtained the Artistic Ice Skating World Championship (1997) and the Gold Medal in the Nagano Olimpics in Japan (1998).
"Cassano Dancing" for Eleonora Cassano in Buenos Aires. Show that belongs to the Julio Iglesias' World Tour Tango. "El Quilombo" for the Japanese pop group "The Johnies".In Buenos Aires he was also in charge of the choreography direction of "Piazzolla Tango", "Taconeando" and "Guardianes del Angel", an Aníbal Troilo biography.
From 1989 until today, Reis has brought tango dance to forty seven countries around the world. He performed his talent in the Covent Garden of London and in the Festival di Due Mundi, Italia during "Forever Tango". He participated in the "Tango Magic" of the Carnegie Hall of New York and dance in Town Hall of New York with the J. J. Mosalini's orchestra. Reis also dance with the John Maurice's Hollywood Bowl Orchestra in the Hollywood Bowl of Los Angeles, and also in The Lincoln Center of New York. He toured Japan for three moths with Fabio Hagger's Orchestra.
As a Tango Master he dictated classes in Japan, Argentina, Italy, United States, Holland, Korea, France and England. He participated in International Tango Conventions in many cities of the world like: San Francisco, New York, Miami, Padova, Bologna, Catanea, Ferrara, Cagliari, Rome, Paris, Seul, Hamburg, Buenos Aires and Madrid, during the 10° Great Tango Figures Meeting.
In 2005 and 2007 Reis was a member of the International Tango Festival's jury, an import event organized by the Buenos Aires government.

​Natalia Lavandeira 

A Tango dancer with a jazz and classical style. She started performing at a very early age and escorting well-known figures like María Nieves, Julián Piazza, Raúl Lavié and Atilio Stampone. She was part of the "Fundación Astor Piazzolla" as the only female tango partner performing in the Palermo Metropolitan of Buenos Aires and in the Dal Verne Theater of Milan.
Her international career started in 1998 with "Señor Tango", a show that was part of the Argentinean presidential committee that participated in the Nuclear Energy World Congress of Houston, Texas. Lavandeira also performed in big cities of Latin America like San Pablo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Santiago, Viña del Mar and Punta del Este with "Tango Mío Show" and "Tango Fatal", directed by Mora Godoy and in "Tango con Mariana". She presented "Buenos Aires Tango" in Hong Kong directed by Nélida Aure (2001).
In 2003 Lavandeira toured the main cities of United States introducing "Tango Buenos Aires". Between 2003 and 2004 she presented herself as first dancer in the Italian show "Piazzolla Appassionato". The year of 2005 was a very intense one for her because she traveled to Greece with Compañía Tango X2 presenting "Tango de la Cruz del Sur" and "Una noche de Tango"; and to Windsor, Canada, for "Laugh and Tango". A year later Lavandeira accompanied the Fernando Marzán Quintet to Sweeden and danced with the Francisco Canaro Orchestra directed by Jorge Dragone. She toured Japan in 2007 and 2008 as first dancer of the Carlos Pazos Orchestra. The International Tango Festivals of Vro, Alborg-Denmark and the II, III, and IV Boston Festivals, are also part of her experience as a tango dancer.
Natalia Lavandeira directed tango workshops in the Buenos Aires University (U.B.A.) and in colleges and universities of United States. She also taught in different and important Buenos Aires events like the International Book Festival and the International Tourism Festival. As a choreographer she collaborated in "Taconeando", an interesting show suggested for its tourist values by the government of the city of Buenos Aires through its Culture Secretary.