summer tango festival Preveza Greece

Virginia Pandolfi & Jonatan Aguero
Virginia Pandolfi & Jonatan Aguero

Virginia Pandolfi and Jonatan Aguero.
They are a young couple known as  dance partners in the last five years in wich they are consolidated own style and create a product of
the vast experience of both. Separately they take more than 10 years
dancing tango, and today join with a dance full of experience to convey.
His classes are based on learning the technique, going from the most
basic to the most complex elements, but always with the idea of ​​
teaching a dance where the connection, the embrace and comfort the
couple, are the main target. Virginia tango and Jonatan is original and own.
With a traditional base, they are in constant search of evolution,
respecting the principles that were formed. The embrace, the game,
subtlety, and complicity, to join with this couple, tango sincere,
heartfelt and very elegant.