Punto y Branca

Punto y Branca
Punto y Branca

Tango Festival Preveza Greece 


Tango-DJ "Punto y Branca" (Jorge Vacca) is one of the most popular and beloved tango DJs in the world. He started his career at the best milongas in Buenos Aires and have been playing tango music for more than ten years. Now he lives in Milan and DJs on regular milongas round whole Italy, as well as festivals and marathons all over the world. He has an amazing ability to feel the mood of the people on the dance floor and spice up the atmosphere to extremely high level.

This year he have received the nomination as Best DJ at the Premios Tango 2018.  Los Premios Tango, born from an idea by Lola Diaz, is a sort of Oscars. The jury consists of a hundred internationally recognized Tango Professionals. It is a great honor to share the festival with him at the consolle. 

Pa` Bailar preveza

 "Summer Tango Festival" 


Stamatis Katharopoulos started his tango steps in 2004. In 2006 he started to organize his first milongas in which he was host Dj. Everytime as a dancer and a teacher he gave all his attention to listen, finding his succesful evolution as Tango Dj. Today he is very appreciated for his very personal and special style in the musical choice for a milonga. As a dancer has a lot of partecipations in seminars with some of the most important tango teachers of the world like Gustavo Naveira, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Miguel Angel Zotto, Sebastian Arce. His musical style references as a Dj are, Marcelo Rojas and Super Sabino. Between the international works that he has organized there are the Thessaloniki-Istanbul Tango Fest, the Chalkidiki Tango Marathon and a lot of local others. He is a well known Dj in international and Greek festivals. It's a big pleasure to share our festival with him too!!!

katharopoulos Stamatis